After almost 2 years of praying and seeking the Lord for His will, we finally brought a long period of transition in our Albania Ministry to an end as we anointed Pastor Hervin Fushekati of Tirana as our new Albania Director on 31st May, in the presence of our wonderful Albania Ministry Team.

Things are changing rapidly in Albania. The country is developing quickly and as it does so, we as a ministry can’t risk standing still in the face of demographic and social changes, lest we become irrelevant.

To guide us in the Lord’s will for what we see as a new era, we had to find God’s man for the way forward. Please do pray for Hervin as he reviews the ministry as it now is and then seeks to make it ready and fit for a new era of fruitfulness.

Our partnership with Hervin and his existing Tirana ministry has many advantages. He leads a Church planting network and we can draw on that as we make disciples and plant new churches. He is also the Principal of a Bible School, “The International School of Theology and Leadership”, where we can now send disciples for Bible and Leadership Training. This opens up a network of churches to Adopt-A-Child, with the possibility of new opportunities across the country of Albania. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The sense of peace and unity that has been present throughout this process is a clear indication of God’s hand on all that we seek to accomplish, but more than that, it is a clear confirmation that Hervin is God’s man for the task ahead. The task the Lord has given us is simple…..making disciples…..pray that we will be faithful to the task!