About two years ago a small group of people from the town of Chichicastenango, which is on the road between our ministry bases in Antigua and Quiche, reached out to us. They asked for a meeting and we met with five of them at a restaurant in Zacualpa. They expressed a desire for spiritual help. They had been long time members of a church in Chichicastenango and some of them were local elders serving in the church. Apparently the local pastor fell into immorality and when confronted about his open sin he expelled them. They had heard about Living Water and asked us to help by sending preachers and teachers.

So, Steve & Ana McDaniel visited and spoke several times and even brought the worship team from the Jocotenango church. Since Chichicastenango is in Quiche and many of the brothers there speak Quiche, we decided to send Pastor Goyo from the Zacualpa church to help also. Last year the small congregation of 50 formally asked to become part of our network of churches.

We have accepted them and continue to help them by providing speakers and prayer covering. We are in the process of looking for a building/land to locate the church as we have been given six months to vacate the current location we are using.