Gazi had a good relationship with the Pastor and leadership of our church in Katjel, Albania.  He came from time to time to enjoy fellowship and play ping pong , but never had any interest  in God. He is a painter and well known in his village for his good work.  Gazi’s son Uesli has been part of our program for 3 years now.

Last month we decided to renovate some of the space in our program and church in Katjel.   Pastor Lefter asked if we could hire Gazi as a good friend and good painter in the area. The work had to be done fast so the program could continue. So Gazi and his brother worked long hours to finish on time.

During the week Bible study and prayer meetings took place in the building as normal. Gazi attended one of the prayer meetings and asked for prayers. He said that His spirit got peace and joy.

So, the next day he attended the Bible Study and learned that the Bible was more than a good book that brings luck (like many people in Albania think).  He wanted to experience again that joy and peace so the next week, even though the work was finished, he took his son and went again to the prayer meeting.  Gazi prayed with Pastor Lefter and accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior.

We rejoice with Gazi as he commits his life to the Lord and begins his walk with him.