By: Dr. Pablo McKeown, Medical & Dental Clinic Coordinator, LWAAC Guatemala

My name is Dr. Pablo McKeown. I was born in Joyabaj, Guatemala, and raised in the nearby town of Zacualpa.

My parents never got along. Eventually, their constant fighting led my sister Martha and I to live with our grandmother. My grandmother took us in with open arms, despite her financial hardship, and never failed to provide for us and fill our hearts with love. She taught us morals, values, and how to be thoughtful and respectful children of God.

These teachings showed me that I have a moral obligation to help my fellow man and address the needs of my people. In short, her wisdom inspired me to become a doctor.

Since then, I prayed to God every day that he would give me the strength and skills to help others the way they have helped me. I was sixteen years old when my wishes came true and Living Water Adopt-a-Child (LWAAC) founders Mack and Peggy McKeown took me under their wing. They offered me a place to live and work while teaching me about Jesus Christ’s love and God’s purpose for each of us. Soon after, I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and God blessed my sister and I with the gift of a new family – the McKeowns. My sister and I continued to look up to them as their newly adopted children and eager students.

I went on to complete my primary, basic, and high school education at public schools in Zacualpa and Antigua City. I continued my studies at San Carlos University where I fulfilled my dream of becoming a doctor. After graduating from medical school in 1993, I returned to LWAAC to oversee the program’s medical care and dental activities as the Medical and Dental Clinic Coordinator.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible had Jesus not led me to Mack and Peggy McKeown and LWAAC.

Over the past 26 years, I’ve had the privilege of continuing to see this ministry build feeding programs, churches, and medical and dental clinics across my country. Guided by God, LWAAC provides physical, emotional, nutritional, medical, dental, and spiritual help to children and families living in poverty.

I am a living testament to the valuable fruit that LWAAC produces in the form of great men and women. Our ministry guides children to be exceptional parents and pillars in their communities when they grow up. Each of them, myself included, treasure the support, love, and nourishment that they received from LWAAC.

I continue to serve as the Medical and Dental Clinic Coordinator for LWAAC Guatemala and live nearby with my wife, Maria Rosaura Noriega, and our three daughters: Peggy, Deniece, and Wendy.