In 2017, Living Water Adopt-A-Child (LWAAC) International Director Steve McDaniel shared a vision to begin better stewarding the land and natural resources we possess in Guatemala. The vision was to use ministry property to raise cows; this was a project we call “Holy Cows.” Once the cows have calves they are sold and the profits are sowed back into the ministry.

Blessing Fields for a Sustainable Future

He also started the Blessing Fields Project around the same time. As our International Director stared out into the hills and fields of Quiche, the story of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz came to mind.

Ruth only sought to glean, but the Lord provided much more. Boaz gave orders to his men to not only allow Ruth to glean, but to purposefully let blessings fall so that she could harvest them.

Our Blessing Fields are providing nutritious food which was consumed in our Feeding Programs pre-COVID-19. The crops provide feed for our cows as well and the produce is often donated to local families. We’ve had such an abundance that we’re also selling some in the local markets to provide funding for the work of our ministry.

We hired a former sponsored child, now a young man, in our Chixocol Program to help us full-time with the Blessing Fields Project. Eduardo is deaf and mute and had been unable to gain employment. The Blessing Fields now provide for him too.

Livestock with a Purpose

Another important component of the Blessing Fields Project are our ministry chickens and turkeys. We currently have over 100 chickens and dozens of turkeys. We are producing 8-12 dozen free-range eggs daily which we consume within the ministry, sell, and donate to families in need. In addition to the eggs, we are also selling chickens and turkeys which helps sustain and grow the project.

We’re actively seeking to provide impoverished Guatemalan families with their own chickens to help provide them with a sustainable food and income resource as well. We build the chicken coops for them and provide them with laying hens and feed to get started.

We plan on expanding these projects into our Albania ministry operations using a similar approach with sheep, goats, and pigs which will work better for Albanian families. We will soon purchase the first cow and begin identifying families to be blessed.

Thank you to everyone who has sowed into these projects! If you would like to contribute to the Holy Cows or Blessing Fields Projects, please give now.