Like most of the world, Guatemala is experiencing an extreme second wave of COVID-19 cases. At the present time, most of Guatemala is now in “Condition Red” and most hospitals are at or near full capacity. Despite all of the pandemic-related challenges, we are pressing on to serve the “least of these.”

With all of the business closures and heightened regulations, unemployment, which has always been a problem, has now skyrocketed, making it difficult for those who already living in poverty to gain access to even the most basic necessities. While governmental restrictions keep our normal feeding programs operations closed, we are delivering bags of groceries to families in need instead.

Last year, we delivered 11,052 bags of food, and we faithfully and gratefully continue this work.

We also reopened our Medical & Dental Clinics. Under the leadership of Dr. Pablo McKeown, we are continuing to bring much-needed medical and dental care to children and families living in poverty in Guatemala.

Additionally, half of our eight churches remain open, allowing for us to minister to the spiritual emotional needs of Guatemalan communities during a time when so many desperately need the hope of Jesus.

Public schools were scheduled to reopen last week, but due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, their opening has been delayed until perhaps sometime in February. While many educational institutions are now offering virtual classes, this does little to help the majority of the children we serve who have no access to a computer, Internet or even electricity.

The obstacles can seem so disheartening, but we are determined to support, love and nourish these treasured people. We remain hopeful and are believing God for a change for the better in the coming months.

Thank you to all of our supporters who continually contribute to bringing the hope of Jesus to Guatemala. Learn more about how you can bring relief and hope during this pandemic by visiting the COVID-19 Information page of our website.

God bless!