By: Steve McDaniel, International Director

It is a pleasure—I can’t stop smiling—to announce that we have sought and received permission to reactivate our feeding programs in Jocotenango and San Miguel Dueñas! It will be different for sure, but it is a step in the right direction.

We served our first lunches in nearly a year on Feb. 22 in Joco and on Feb. 23 in Dueñas. We started with sandwiches, chips and a fortified milk drink. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, children are unable to enter the buildings so lunch was served “to-go.”

Guatemala is slowly making progress toward a full reopening. The streets and businesses are full of busy people. However, it is very sad for me to see another category of people on the streets of our towns: those who have surrendered.

The woman in the picture above is named Isabela and her story impacted me so much. The Guatemalan government has instructed her and others that are hungry and find themselves without resources to identify themselves by hoisting a white flag. The needs are overwhelming, but with God’s help, we will systematically meet some of their most desperate needs through the M25 Program.

This coming Sunday, I will preach live from Jocotenango for the first time in a year. We sought and received permission from the local municipality. It will be under strict conditions and with limited capacity, but we’re excited.

Then, we’ll travel to Quiche, Guatemala and Zone 5 as we seek to reopen those programs soon also. Please pray for continued favor with God and man as we take steps towards a full reopening, including Bible classes, in the not-too-distant future.

God is moving and we are moving with Him.