More than 2,000 hot meals are now being served daily in our Guatemala feeding programs. The impoverished children we’re blessed to serve have recently enjoyed chiles rellenos for our Jocotenango and San Miguel Dueñas feeding programs, and some even had fried chicken a couple of weeks ago.

These wonderful lunches for our children require an enormous amount of preparation. We are grateful for the volunteers and staff cooks who work so hard to make these lunches possible.

Eight of our nine feeding programs are now officially reopened in Guatemala. Please join us in prayer for our Zone 5 program in Guatemala City. We have requested to reopen there, but have yet to receive a favorable reply from government officials due to current Covid-19 restrictions.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to provide support to your sponsored child throughout this international pandemic! The needs are tremendous in Guatemala and we are ready and enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve the “least of these” through our feeding programs.