We are excited to have partnered with Pastor Erion Cuni, our Senior Pastor in Albania, and Christianity Explored Ministries to bring evangelism, discipleship and other Bible study resources to Albania’s poorest communities.

For four years, our Albanian Translation Project has helped translate these materials, and we now have in circulation the “Christianity Explored” (CE) course, which walks students through the Gospel of Mark, and “Soul,” a youth version of CE.

“Discipleship Explored” (DE), the follow-up course to CE, explores the book of Philippians. DE translation is finished, and we’re excited to see DE going to print soon.

Pastor Erion recently encouraged the Living Water Adopt-A-Child team in Albania with a progress update:

  • 155 churches are using CE and Soul.
  • 585 pastors, leaders, youth workers, small group leaders and individuals have been equipped, trained, or, at the very least, introduced to the materials and how to use them.
  • 1,000 CE leader’s guides and 6000 CE student workbooks have been distributed.
  • 125 Soul leader’s guides and 1200 Soul student workbooks have been distributed.
  • 215 courses have been completed or are ongoing, with 10-15 people attending each course.
  • 40 poorer churches have received grant aid and assistance to hold courses.
  • 250 people have accepted Christ, and many, many more have had Gospel seed sown into their lives.

We actually expect that these figures are underreported, as statistics are not always available from some groups using the material.

It is wonderful to see the impact this partnership in Gospel outreach is having on the lives of so many people in Albania.

We encourage you to read more of our Albania ministry updates to learn more about how we’re bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to some of Albania’s poorest communities.