Earlier this year, a 75-year-old widow named Naile came to a ladies’ Bible study meeting in Trebinje/Upper Mokra. She was completely soaked when she arrived. Kindly, another woman set her chair by the stove to help warm her. Because it was raining, it was assumed that Naile had gotten wet from the rain.

However, she hadn’t; some of the women told us that she was soaked because the rain was coming in through her house.

A few weeks later, we visited her home and found it just as the women had told us. On the very same day, we found a sponsor for her. The sponsor was from the USA and was moved to support Naile.

We thought about how we could help her. Repairing the house was too costly, in addition to the fact that where Naile was living was not even her house. She has no children, comes from another place, and has no land in the village.

We consulted with the chairman of the village commune, wondering if we could find an apartment for her in the village. Finally, we came up with the possibility of providing a “tiny house” living container for her. God put it on the sponsor’s heart to donate the amount for the container. The transport of the tiny house and other expenses could be covered by further donations.

After all the formalities had been completed, the home was set up and we helped her move. Most of the work has now been completed.

Naile is very happy and grateful for her new home. Since she now lives in the center of the village, she has more contact with the other people there. Praise the Lord who made it all possible!

We believe it is the Father’s heart that we take care of foreigners, orphans and widows (Deuteronomy 24), and that’s why we launched our M25 Program. To become a sponsor for the elderly or to learn about other ways to give, please visit our Ways to Give webpage.