We are very thankful that reported Covid cases in Albania are low and continue to fall each week.

As things have opened up again and returned to some sort of “normal,” we have continued with the model of providing monthly food boxes for families. These are collected where possible from the reopened feeding centers, as this is a much more efficient way of providing this practical help.

We have encouraged parents to come with their children to collect the boxes and to join in with our Bible study groups. Many have done so, even asking how they can help us, which has been a great encouragement.

The result is that our churches and Bible study groups have many new people attending to hear the Gospel proclaimed and taught each week.

We had a wonderful Pentecost service in Pogradec at the end of May, with around 280 people from all of our churches attending to praise and worship the Lord together.

We trust that God will work to transform many lives!

As our Albanian ministry operations are returning, we ask that you would join us in prayer for our friends in Guatemala, whose operations are still restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic.