The heartbeat of Living Water Adopt-A-Child (LWAAC) has always been — and will always be — child sponsorship. Yet, our hearts and programs also extend beyond basic child sponsorship, which is why we offer sponsorship opportunities through the Education Needs and Identity (ENid) project, Starfish Fund, and Women In Need (WIN). Read on to learn about these projects developed to help care for the “least of these.”

Education Needs and Identity (ENid)

The ENid project raises funds for special needs children in Guatemala by selling arts and crafts with a Christian ethos. With a long-term aim to meet the educational, physical and spiritual needs of these individuals, ENid offers them extended medical care, teaches them about their self-worth, provides educational support, and shares the good news of Jesus.

As part of this program, our Guatemala team is adding a nurse who will assess these children’s specific needs and then tailor the help given accordingly.

The ENid project was set up in 2017 by Pete and Dawn Ritchie, LWAAC local reps, inspired by Dawn’s mother, Enid. As a child, she had rheumatic fever, missed a whole year of school, then constantly struggled to catch back up. It wasn’t until Enid found her faith that she began to feel adequate again and now The ENid Project is a living legacy that celebrates her story.

The Starfish Fund

Our Starfish Fund provides emergency help to the most vulnerable people we serve, meeting medical and practical needs beyond normal sponsorship. This help often ranges from major operations and hearing aids and wheelchairs to helping improve dangerous living conditions.

The need is endless, but through the Starfish Fund, we truly are caring for “the least of these.”

Women in Need (WIN)

Support single mothers, widows and grandmothers by investing in WIN. When you sponsor this project, you let these women know they are not forgotten, as WIN helps meet their most basic needs.

Since the launch of this program in 2019, many impoverished women have been blessed by the generosity of people like you, receiving nutritious meals, shelter, clothing and essential medical care.

If you’re moved with compassion for these projects, we encourage you to prayerfully consider these sponsorship opportunities and learn more about ways to give the life-changing gift of sponsorship.