We’re excited to announce that we have launched a new child sponsorship program in Elbasan, Albania. Despite challenging health and economic circumstances, we continue growing our ministry operations for these beloved people. This new city adds to our program sites in Pogradec, Upper Mokra, Katjel, and more.

Pastor Kristjan Kotorri and his team of faithful believers began registering children last spring. The momentum is picking up; we’ve already registered dozens of new children in Elbasan.

The fourth-largest city in Albania, Elbasan is a cultural center for the country and has become quite a tourist destination. Also, Elbasan boasts greater-than-average schools and medical services.

However, the need for child sponsorship and spiritual development is very great.

Despite the city’s large number of businesses, most only employ one person, and unemployment is very high. For those with jobs, most work in the city’s steel, mineral, and cement factories offer salaries far below the living wage. These factories have made Elbasan one of the country’s most polluted cities and many there suffer from breathing issues. For many families, every day is a struggle to survive. In addition to the health and economic issues, most of the country’s population are practicing Muslims.

Since the program started, we’ve asked the parents to come along with the children and be present. We love meeting the parents as the children receive their first package of food. They also frequent meetings at our new church — this way being fed physically and spiritually with the Word of God.

Our goal in Elbasan is the same as every program opened: to physically and spiritually help the children. But we don’t limit this ministry to children; we desire to bring restoration to the whole people.

Because of the generosity of our sponsors and church partners, we are able to bring help and healing to these impoverished communities. We ask that you prayerfully consider sponsoring our life-changing, life-giving ministry work in Albania.