Caleb Escalante, owner of C.E. Customs in Boca Raton, Florida, once told God that he would do whatever He wanted him to do… except in another country.

Of course, it wasn’t long before Caleb, while attending Victory Church in Boca Raton, was invited to go on the church mission trip to Guatemala. He didn’t really want to go on a mission trip, but something moved him to sign up for it anyway.

Caleb’s skills proved extremely valuable on the mission field. His business specializes in woodwork, construction, painting, lighting and remodeling.

The team set up a workshop at the missionary base in Antigua, Guatemala. The base needed tools, so the team helped fund the project. Antigua is a city surrounded by volcanoes and, unbelievably, Caleb’s team built a house there during an active volcanic eruption.

Currently, Caleb plans to take a team and return to Guatemala with LWAAC to continue helping. He even plans to sponsor people to come with him who want to work and serve. The trip will last about a week and they’ll be serving whatever the major need is. To achieve as much as possible, Caleb’s team will start around 5:30 a.m. in the morning, break for dinner, and then work throughout the night.

While in Guatemala, Caleb met the International Director of Living Water Adopt-A-Child (LWAAC), Steve McDaniel. Caleb was taken by Steve’s lifestyle. He saw that Steve had given everything that he had and dedicated his life to the things of the Lord.

“Steve’s mind is wrapped around serving,” Caleb notes. He continues, “I see a lot of ministries that use funds in ways that aren’t necessary, but because I know Steve and have spent time with him personally, I trust supporting the ministry of LWAAC.”

When he donates, he “leaves it up to Steve’s discretion where to use the funds for whatever is needed. I trust Steve to use the funds wisely.” In fact, all profit is going to LWAAC from one of his projects with Escalante Home Maintenance. Some of Caleb’s family members and even clients are now financial supporters.

“You can’t even come back and explain what’s it’s like to anyone else. It’s unfathomable to explain what it’s like,” he says of the need and ministry work happening in Guatemala. “If people saw this, they would give.”

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