We’re grateful to share that the food parcel distribution model we developed in response to Albania’s Covid-19 restrictions has been very effective. In fact, it’s proven so successful that we are continuing with it, even as restrictions ease.

Last year, we began replacing the twice-weekly meals served at our feeding programs with food parcels; governmental restrictions prevented us from providing any kind of indoor food service. These food parcels contain enough basics to provide not just the children, but the whole family, with two meals per week.

We’ve received lots of positive feedback that these food parcels have greatly blessed families. Parents tell us that in Albanian culture, they feel receiving food boxes is more dignified than sending their children out to be fed. The children and parents still come to the program to collect the food parcels, so the opportunity for Bible classes, contact with the families, medical and dental checks, etc., continue as normal. Another benefit of providing regular food parcels: Logistically, we can deliver many more and cover a much wider area than was ever possible when serving meals through our kitchens.

This model also makes better use of our financial resources, enabling us to grow from four to 10 feeding programs in Albania during the pandemic. Keeping this model going means that we can now sustain the practical help and Gospel hope so desperately needed.

In the beginning, we offered carrier bags of food. Now, food comes in substantial “Adopt-A-Child” branded food boxes, promoting the ministry’s profile in the communities where we work.

Our kitchens remain open for special events, visiting groups, and more. The cooks now work with the distribution teams and often lead small groups in the villages. The pandemic forced this change, but its benefits mean that this model is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

We are now reaching more children than ever before. In Albania alone, we currently need 400 sponsors for the new children and Women In Need, all receiving help from our ministry.

If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring a child or a vulnerable adult in Albania or Guatemala, please visit our Become a Sponsor page. Thank you all for your ongoing support! It makes a huge difference.