The number of families living in poverty is steadily increasing in both Guatemala and Albania with the loss of jobs resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. This Christmas, you can help bring joy and hope to children living in extreme poverty by providing them with Christmas gifts and other much-needed resources such as a special Christmas food parcel in Guatemala and school supplies in Albania.

Provide a Christmas Gift to a Child in Need

Our staff work together to purchase special age and gender-appropriate Christmas gifts for both children who are sponsored and those still waiting for a sponsor.

These gifts are often the only Christmas present these children receive.

When you make a donation to our Christmas Fund, your gift is combined with gifts from other donors to purchase gifts of equal value for every child. In this way, no child is left out.

If you’d like to provide a special Christmas gift for a child living in poverty, we offer four levels of Christmas sponsorship:

  • $25 – Gift for Your Sponsored Child – Provide a toy for a child living in poverty.
  • $50 – Gifts for Two Children – Provide toys two impoverished children this Christmas.
  • $75 – Gifts for Three Children – Provide toys for three impoverished children this Christmas.
  • $100 – Christmas Celebration – Help provide a hot meal, food parcels and other supplies for our biggest evangelism outreach of the year.

Please give by Dec. 13 to ensure that gifts can be purchased, wrapped and delivered in time for Christmas.

Donations to the Christmas fund are tax-deductible.

Christmas Celebration

Not only do the children get to participate in a fun (and highly anticipated) event celebrating our Savior’s birth, but children also receive a hot, nutritious meal. This is our largest evangelism outreach of the year.

Thank you for helping to bring joy and hope to children living in poverty this Christmas!