Our team in Albania is excited to announce that we will purchase 1,500 scholastic Christmas gifts for the children in our programs.

As part of our efforts to “give the gift of hope,” these packages of school supplies are well-received Christmas gifts for the impoverished children and families we serve. The supplies will go in a bag with Adopt-A-Child branding, and they’ll accompany the normal food parcels that these families rely on, making this Christmas season doubly special.

Not only will the current children in our program receive these school supplies, but we expect hundreds of future program participants will benefit from them as well. In the coming months, we are preparing to launch a new feeding and outreach program in Tirana, the country’s capital and largest city, and we already have 300 children ready to join.

As a project that was tested last year (and seen in the pictures below), these scholastic Christmas gifts and food parcels will start to be distributed on Dec. 17 and go through Dec. 26.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for us to bless Albanian children in need this Christmas!