In the poverty-stricken villages of Albania, where unemployment is high and infrastructure is lacking, wintertime brings added challenges. The mountainous areas experience cold temperatures, and the narrow, rough roads can become quite impassable during heavy snowfall, cutting off transportation to and from remote villages.

As we head into the winter season, here are three specific ways you can be praying for the Albanian people:

1. Safe travels home after working elsewhere during the harvest season

Nearly half of Albania’s employment comes from the agriculture industry, but very few people own land. Regular work is hard to come by in the mountain villages, and many family members travel to Greece and surrounding areas to find employment, particularly during harvest time. Many will be heading back to Albania just now, before winter arrives. Pray for safety as they travel home and that their earnings will be enough to see them through the winter months.

Pray for families in Albania this winter2. Food and heat to last through the winter

The price of wood has almost doubled over the past year, which only adds to the hardships villagers face since this is their primary heat source. Please pray for these remote communities and those who live there, that they would have enough fuel to keep the fires burning. Also, pray that we would be able to reach them with food boxes throughout the winter. Each child registered in our program receives a box of non-perishable food items every six weeks, which is designed to feed the whole family.

3. Open hearts to receive God’s love

When children come to collect their box of food, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. These collection days are a great opportunity for us to engage with parents and family members and share the love of Jesus with them. Our desire is that families would be blessed beyond just having their physical needs met. Pray that they would experience God’s love for them through the generosity of our sponsors and the compassion of our team in Albania.

If you would like to help make this winter more manageable for families in Albania, please consider designating a financial gift today!