Christiane NötzoldtMission Field Update from Christiane Nötzoldt

Many greetings from Albania! The last weeks have been flying by. In April, I had the pleasure of going to Germany for two weeks. I visited my sister and had the opportunity to participate in some Bible study and prayer meetings.

In May, we had a small group from Germany join us in Albania. During their stay, they visited all the programs in the villages. They sat in on some of the ladies’ meetings, attended church and visited their sponsored children. I helped with translating. It was an encouraging time.

I visit Upper Mokra regularly for Bible study meetings within the programs. Many widows come to the meetings. They enjoy the fellowship and always look forward to our arrival.

In the office, I am busy translating updates and letters and buying gifts for some of the widows and other women in need.

Thank you very much for all your prayers and your faithful financial support. God bless you!