Mission Field Update from Christiane Nötzoldt

Christiane NötzoldtAfter a long and cool spring, we are now in summer! We have had more visiting groups come through, so it was a busy time.

In the programs, we visited Proptisht and Upper Mokra to distribute the monthly food parcels. We had church and Bible study, and then the children and widows who are part of the program received their food boxes. They were very grateful.

One of the girls in Proptisht received a guitar from her sponsor! She is so excited to be able to practice at home on her own guitar during the week.

We also received updates in Upper Mokra in order to get new information for the sponsors. This provided a great opportunity to connect with the people. In addition, I was able to do some home visits in Katjel. I visited a widow who lives far from the program and is no longer able to come to the ladies’ meeting or church.

Thank you very much for all your prayers and your faithful financial support. I wish you a nice summer.

God bless you!