It is an exciting time of expansion for Living Water Adopt A Child in Guatemala. We are adding a new program, making progress on the new sponsorship program in Chulumal, continuing to provide necessary medical and dental care and expanding our Blessing Fields. Praise be to God!

New School Program

The Lord has given us favor with the director of a small school in Jocotenango and we are now serving lunch to the students. We have been invited to share devotions with them and will be implementing our full Evangelism Program. There is also the exciting possibility of starting a computer lab in the future!

Chulumal Sponsorship Program Update

Work at the site of our new center in the mountains of Chulumal, Quiche is progressing well. The project has proven to be far more significant than our capabilities– even impossible some might say. But God has provided.

In March, we concluded our foundation work by placing a very special Bible donated by Gabriela Barbir from Victory Church in Boca Raton, Florida, precisely where the pulpit will be. We dedicated the area and proclaimed that the only name which shall ever be preached will be our the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

After an initial setback with drilling a well on the site, we contracted an engineer to do a further survey of our property. Great news: We have abundant water on the land! However, we must dig deeper in order to reach the aquifers. We were in the right place the first time we tried, but the drill rig had a maximum depth of 300 feet and the top of the aquifer is at 325 feet. We will be arranging for a larger rig to take on the job as we are undeterred in our plan to provide both Living Water and clean water for the community of Chulumal.

2023 Medical, Dental & Evangelism Campaign

We recently completed the first full medical and dental campaign we have been able to run since the pandemic cut short our efforts in 2020. A team of doctors, dentists, nurses and an ophthalmologist from the US and Canada traveled to Guatemala for a 6-day campaign in the Quiche Mountain villages in April. They treated just over 2,030 patients during their stay.

The Chairman of the UK & Ireland Board, Roger Fothergill, joined the team to share the Gospel with those waiting for a consultation.

“Carlos, my interpreter, had limited English so I pointed to chapter and verse in Carlos’ Spanish Bible and he read it silently and immediately translated it into Quiche, the local language,” says Fotherfill. “We proceeded in this manner speaking to the folks in the queue waiting for medical attention. We managed about 12-13 “stories of Jesus” found in the gospels each day.”

The Blessing Field Project

We are continuing to expand and consolidate our Blessing Field project for the benefit of the communities by providing chickens and coops to families in the Tunaja and Pasojoc areas in the mountains. We always seek to be as sustainable as possible. This year, corn fields are producing corn for the programs and people, with the rest of the plants going to feed the animals. Currently, we are raising chickens, turkeys, geese, goats and cows. We have plans to add a few pigs soon too!


The Lord is moving in Guatemala! Please consider donating to these efforts so that we can continue to provide these incredible, life-giving services to the people here, and to reach them with the love of God. Thank you for enabling us to be the hands and feet of Christ.