After a widely successful summer of youth camps last year, hosted in over a dozen locations, our team in Albania is preparing to host camps again in just a few short months.

The Church in Albania is growing, and the largest audience with open hearts is children and youth. By the grace of God, the churches in Albania have gained the trust of the many nominal Muslim parents who now allow their children to attend the church programs.

This is an incredible opportunity to reach families in these communities with the gospel and connect them with local churches.

A day at camp includes worship, Bible teaching, games, small group discussion and lunch. Children are also provided with Bibles for a reduced cost. These Bibles are readily accepted, even in a Muslim culture, because they also serve as a tool for the children to learn English.

There is a lack of programming in the summers, so the need for activities for children during break is prevalent. However, funding for the churches to be able to host large groups is severely lacking, with 80% of the churches in Albania being totally dependent on financial support from Western churches.

Would you be willing to empower the local churches in Albania as they work to reach their Muslim communities for Christ? Just $50 will send a child to camp.