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About Our Mission Trips

We are thrilled that you are interested in visiting Living Water Adopt A Child (LWAAC)! A mission trip will give you a first-hand look at how the Lord is using our ministry to reach children and their families with the gospel. Through feeding programs, evangelism and training, medical and dental clinics and church planting, we are bringing the hope of Jesus to the “least of these.”

Below you will find important guidelines, helpful tips and required forms for your trip. Please contact us with any questions your group my have, and we will be happy to assist you. We know you will be blessed during your visit, and you will also be a blessing to our staff and the people to whom we are ministering.

2023 Mission Trips

  • FEB 3–6  Gregg & Susie Williams
  • MAR 6–13  Canada Team
  • MAR 13–20  Liberty Church Havelock
  • MAR 20–27  Victory Church Bocca
  • APR 1–8  Cedar Creeck Church Youth
  • APR 20–29  Medical/Dental Campaign
  • JUL 9–16  Victory Hill Church Youth
  • JUL 10–17  Liberty Blue Angel Youth
  • JUL 17–24  Victory Church Bocca
  • JUL 31–AUG 7  Liberty Church Havelock
  • AUG 7–14  Go Life Church Jacksonville & Covenant Church Miss.
  • SEPT 4–11  Liberty Blue Angel Adults
  • OCT 16–23 Canada Team
  • OCT 23–28 Victory Church Bocca
  • NOV 27–DEC 4 Northridge Church
  • JAN 9–FEB 7  World Race (Location: Kotodesh / Focus: Children’s Ministry, Maintaince)
  • MAY 22–29  UK Teams (Location: Pogradec / Focus: Sponsors, Children’s Ministry)
  • MAY 29–JUN 6  UK Team (Location: Pogradec / Sponsors, Children’s Ministry)
  • JUN 23–29  Adventures in Missions (Location: Tirana, Elbasan, Pogradec / Focus: Women’s Ministry)
  • JUL 17–24  New Life Church (Location: Pogradec / Focus: Sponsors, Children’s Ministry, Summer Camp)
  • SEPT  Steve & Ana McDaniel (Location: Pogradec / Focus: Strategic Teams)

Mission Trip Guidelines

  • All group members must be age 15 & up for youth trips and age 18 & up for adult trips. We cannot take responsibility for children younger than this. Group activities are geared toward older youth.
  • The ministry cannot accept the responsibility of pregnant women as visitors. If the baby were born prematurely, it would be a citizen, which would give you problems leaving the country. There is also the possibility of complications or sickness in the early stages.

  • We are looking forward to laboring in the mission field with you. The most important preparation is that of personal spiritual preparation, and we know you will be praying that this trip will be a life-changing experience for all. Be prayed up and expecting God to do a work in each individual life as you reach out and minister.
  • There will be opportunity for you to sponsor children while on the trip. Be prayerful about this possibility. Deciding later means you lose the chance to meet the child while you are there! Why not sponsor another child now so we can arrange for you to meet them?

  • YOU MUST HAVE A CURRENT PASSPORT. Make a photocopy of your passport and any valuable documents/credit cards, etc. and leave them with your family at home. Make another copy of your passport and put it in your carry-on bag. Take a copy of the Guatemala contact information and put it with your passport in case of emergency.
  • Money: A backpack, fanny pack or purse with a strap that goes around your neck should be used for your money, passport, wallet, boarding pass, etc, or a money belt for larger sums of money. If you are carrying a large amount of cash it is best to carry in two separate places upon your person. Currency needs to be in new or like new condition because the banks here will not take old or torn money. For security purposes don’t use back pockets. Do not rely on using an ATM machine. There are few places you can use a credit cards for shopping. Don’t exchange money in the airport in Guatemala. The ministry will exchange money for you when you get here.
  • Luggage: Check with your airline for luggage restrictions, number of bags, size and weight. This varies between airlines and changes regularly. It is especially important to check current policies regarding liquid restrictions. Luggage tags are needed on each piece of luggage, and your name and return address should be marked on the inside of each piece. (Your Guatemala address for your luggage tag will be Ministerios Aqua Viva, Calle Espiritu Santo #40, Antigua, Guatemala CA). Have all bags ready to be opened easily. Never leave your luggage unattended. Carry-on Luggage: Always carry a change of clothing, including socks and underwear, all medicines and personal items (camera, Bible, etc) in your carry-on baggage so you are not stranded in the event your checked baggage is delayed. Trial size toiletries can be carried on the plane (see TSA for details), and larger amounts of liquid toiletries go in your checked bag.

  • The rainy season in Guatemala is May – November, so it is wet and cool in the mornings and evenings. Please bring older clothes and shoes because of the rain and terrain. (You can leave old clothes and shoes here for donations if you like.)
  • Knee-length shorts are acceptable inside the Mission Center only. Do not enter the country wearing shorts.
  • Jeans or slacks and light cotton shirts are good for everyday wear.
  • You will need a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, thin waterproof jacket or poncho.
  • For church services, ladies wear a dress or skirt (knee length or longer) and blouse. Men wear jeans or dress pants with a collared shirt.
  • You will need a baseball cap or other covering for your head/neck.
  • Two pair of comfortable shoes or tennis shoes and one pair of shower shoes (flip flops) are recommended.

  • Sunglasses
  • Small Umbrella
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Alarm Clock
  • Journal, Notebook, Pens
  • Camera, Extra Batteries, Charger
  • USB Drive
  • Two Extra AA Alkaline Batteries (needed for translation device)
  • Bath Towel & Wash Cloth for Personal Use

  • Please stay together as a group. If you get separated between other travelers, it could take a long time to get through. You will be asked to fill out a visa information slip while on the plane. You should enter the country as a tourist (not as a pastor, missionary, evangelist). Your destination is Antiqua, Guatemala.
  • Collect your luggage, and someone from Living Water Ministry will be waiting for you outside the building. In the event of a delay or if no one is at the airport upon your arrival, please call Steve or Ana McDaniel. Do not leave Guatemala Airport for any reason whatsoever until you speak to someone from Living Water Adopt A Child. Once in Guatemala, all directions given by LWI staff MUST be complied with, as they are responsible for your safety.
  • Upon arrival at the ministry house, your host will collect your passport and airline ticket to place in our safe. Your passport and tickets will be returned to you on the evening prior to your departure.
  • Please wash hands and also use hand sanitizer often and keep hands away from your mouth, nose, eyes, etc. Do not eat or drink anything that is not bottled or safely packaged (from restaurant or store). Please note that in Guatemala toilet tissue can not be flushed.

Gift Ideas for Sponsored Children

If you have a sponsored child you plan to visit, please bring gifts for them. It is a blessing for all the children if you bring extra candy (individually wrapped) or small gifts like small toys, balls, spinning tops, marbles, hair accessories, jacks, balloons, cuddly toys, etc.

Our Guatemala program centers are located in different areas. Some are in the state of Quiche where we serve mostly children of Mayan ancestry. Others are in areas where we serve mostly Ladinos; these are children of mixed Mayan and Spanish ancestry. It is important to look at your child’s information to see where your child is from. Their ID is made up of two letters and a four digit number – the letters indicate where your child is from and this will help you identify an appropriate gift.

Before considering school supplies for your child in any of the program locations, please find out from your child’s information sheet or recent correspondence if the child is indeed in school. A major part of the children do attend, but for one that does not go to school, supplies may be a disappointment rather than a wonderful gift. If a child goes to school in Guatemala, it is not until they are around 7 years old. Some start later because of finances. Some never get to school at all or do not finish through the 6th grade (Primary level education).

  • CA – Your child is located in Chuchuca, and will be Mayan.
  • CC – Your child is located in Cuatro Caminos, and will be Mayan.
  • CH – Your child is located in Chixocol, and they are mostly Mayan.
  • DU – Your child is in Dueñas, mostly Ladino.
  • JT – Your child is in Jocotenango where they are almost all Ladino.
  • NE – Zone 5 of Guatemala City attending the Nueva Esperanza centre where almost all are Ladino.
  • PA – Your child is located in Pasojoc, and will be Mayan.
  • TU – Your child is located in Tunajá and will be Mayan.
  • ZA – Zacualpa where there is mostly Mayan, only a few are Ladino.

Mayan girls in Chixocol, Chuchuca, Cuatro Caminos, Pasojoc, Tunajá, and Zacualpa exclusively wear typical traditional clothing. Their attire consists of a huipil (blouse), a corte (skirt), cinta (belt) and often a decorative apron. It’s best not to bring them clothing as a gift. If you would like your Mayan girl to receive clothes it is best to bring money for the staff to buy the typical clothes in Guatemala. (More recently, some Mayan girls are wearing T-shirts and western style blouses with their corte.)

Ladino girls, mostly from Dueñas, Jocotenango, or Nueva Esperanza, will wear our western/modern type of clothing. It’s best to avoid bringing Mayan girls “Barbie” type dolls. They are a more reserved people and a gift of this type may embarrass the child and family.

Appropriate gifts for girls include: jacks, bubbles, baby dolls, candy/gum, dishes, balloons, hair accessories, stickers, underwear, watch, cardigan sweater or jacket, costume jewelry, music box, photos of you and your family, comb, brush, mirror, flashlight with plenty of extra batteries, portable radio with extra batteries, compact umbrella

Mayan boys do not wear shorts.

Appropriate gifts for boys include: marbles, cars (hot wheels are very popular), spinning tops, blue jeans or other long pants, soccer ball (can be deflated for your luggage, then re-inflated before gifting) & air pump, socks & underpants, comb, candy/gum, bubbles, balloons, photos of you & your family, t-shirts, watch, sweatshirts or jackets, bubbles, compass, whistle, flashlight with plenty of extra batteries, portable radio with batteries

Group Leader Resources

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